Welcome to Stayin’ Alive Nightclub.  Here are some frequently asked questions and the answers to them…

1. Is there or what is the dress code?

Yes there is:

  • No athletic wear of any kind including gym shoes, shorts, jerseys, sweats, & hoodies
  • Flip flops
  • Headgear, including baseball hats (Exceptions for stylish hats)
  • Sleeveless T-shirts or Plain white T-shirts
  • Chains
  • Ripped or soiled clothing excessively baggy clothing (Tuck-ins not permitted)
  • Work boots (Timberland style)
  • No Motorcycle/Gang Colors

2. Is there food available in the club?

Yes but ONLY for private events.


3. If we have a reservation for a birthday party, can we bring a cake or bottle gifts into the club to celebrate?

Unfortunately, no. We can however help you decorate your tables or the Shag Room with balloons, to make your birthday celebration a fun one!


4. What is the cover charge?

Cover charge is $5 on Friday nights, and $10 on Saturday nights. There is a mandatory $3 coat check as there is no place to put your coats, and we don’t want your coats to get damaged or taken by someone else.


5. I joined your text service, do I get in free every time? How exactly does that work?

If you texted the word “shag” to 31996, that means you only opted in to our text messaging service. Almost, but not every week, we’ll send out a text message with specific instructions to get in the club for free. Please pay attention to the text details because our free admission offers are often limited to a specific time frame. You will be required to show your text message to the door attendant for entry. Each person arriving at the door must have a text to their own phone to get in free.


6. We’ll need a place to sit for my party. Is there a charge for that and how does it work?

There are two options for reserved seating. The Shag Room, which is a more private area for special occasions (birthday, bachelorette, work party, night out, etc.). The Shag Room will fit approximately 40 people, however we can split the room into 2 sections for parties of 10-20 people. The room is free of charge only if you pre-pay the cover package in advance. To keep your free room reservation you must arrive by 10 PM.

The second option for reserved seating is at our hightop tables. The tables come in 2 sizes, large (seats 3 people), and small (seats 2 people). We can group tables together.  Please note, tables are free of charge but you must pre-pay cover package in advance! To keep your free table reservation you must arrive by 10 PM.

To pre-pay your for the cover charge and secure a free table(s) or Shag Room please go to :


*Coat check is not included in the cover charge.

*Text messaging promos or other offers don’t apply when pre-paying the cover and receiving free table(s) or the Shag Room.

7. What kind of music do you play?

We play dance hits from the 70/80/90’s and more, so come get your groove on!


8. If we have a reservation do we get to bypass the line or is there a separate line?

There is only one entrance we use to get in the club. Unfortunately there is not a separate line for reservations nor do you get to bypass the line. We ask all of our reservations to arrive early by a certain time, depending on the night and the event so you can get in before the rush.Our door hosts are not allowed to accept tips, please don’t tempt them, they will lose their job.


9. Do you offer bottle service?

Yes we do, for large groups. Just ask your sever when you arrive. Bottle prices range from $200-$500 depending on what you order. Some mixers are included.


10. Can we pre-party?

Yes you can, we encourage guests to use limo and bus service but please don’t over do it. We cannot have visibly intoxicated guests entering or remaining in the venue. It is the Michigan Law and we do obey it.


11. What is the minimum age requirement do get in the venue?

21 and over. No exceptions on Friday and Saturday nights. You must show a valid government issued ID at the door!


See you on the dance floor!